Tadeusz Reger’s Library catalogue

Old prints and 19th and 20th century prints from Tadeusz Reger’s Library were computerized. Their descriptions are available online in old prints and historic collection catalogues.

Contents of the repository
Tadeusz Reger’s Library includes about 7,000 volumes in total (including a few old prints). There are mostly works devoted to history, law, sociology, nature and silesiaca. When it comes to provenance, this book collection and an extensive archive called the Reger Files are related.

Search system
The alphabetical catalogue of Tadeusz Reger’s Library was drawn up by hand or typewritten on cards in the international format, most probably in the 1960s. Descriptions of archive materials which belong to the Reger Files can be found in the virtual catalogue of Cieszyn Library manuscripts.

The catalogue does not include the descriptions of books and magazines which were singled out from the Library of the Polish Ethnological Society when the collection of the Historic Branch of the Silesian Library was being rearranged. These books and magazines, along with similar items singled out from other historic collections belonging to the Historic Branch, were merged into separate repositories of non-serial publications and magazines. Alphabetical catalogues of both the abovementioned repositories are available in a digital version (book catalogue; magazine catalogue).

The call marks of books and magazines included in the library can be found in the top right corner of the card.

Description components

    • main heading
    • title
    • statement of responsibility (often omitted or incomplete)
    • edition designation
    • publisher’s name and publication place and year
    • detailed physical description,
    • list of volumes
    • series
    • library notes

Some catalogue cards bear signs of corrections and additions which were added later. Some descriptions have cross references to personal entries or titles of works which were co-published or bound in one volume.

Essential literature
Zajączkowska: Zbiór Tadeusza Regera, znanego działacza socjalistycznego Ziemi Cieszyńskiej (przechowywany w Archiwum Państwowym w Łodzi), “Śląski Kwartalnik Historyczny “Sobótka””, 1964, pp. 511-519; A. Wadowski: Księgozbiór Tadeusza Regera w Cieszynie, “Zaranie Śląskie” 1966, issue 1, pp. 133-136; K. Kubiński: Losy zbiorów bibliotecznych Tadeusza Regera , (in:) Pamiętnik Cieszyński / [chief editor Idzi Panic]. Vol. 10, Cieszyn 1995, pp. 96-99.

Książnica Cieszyńska