Cieszyn Library book catalogue

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Cieszyn Library book catalogue includes descriptions of the following categories of resources:

    • Non-serial publications from historic book collections which were singled out and merged into a separate book repository in the 1970s and the 1980s, when the resources of the Historic Branch of the Silesian Library were being rearranged (Note: Not all non-serial publications from historic book collections were separated at that time. If you are looking for descriptions of books which were not singled out, you need to go to the catalogues of individual collections);
    • Non-serial publications acquired by the Historic Branch of the Silesian Library.

The catalogue was made in the 1970s and the 1980s. Descriptions were typewritten on cards in the international format. Call marks are in the top right corner of the catalogue card.

Description components

    • main heading
    • title
    • publisher’s name and publication place and year
    • physical description
    • list of volumes
    • name of the series
    • UDC symbols
    • former call marks of historic collections.

It is a dictionary catalogue: a combination of alphabetical and subject catalogues. It contains the main cards and cross references to co-authors’ names, series titles and subject headings (geographical and corporate headings).

A manual catalogue is available in the General Reading Room of Cieszyn Library. Some books from this repository have already been described in accordance with current cataloguing standards and can be found in the online Cieszyn Library book database. The process of cataloguing the historic collections of Cieszyn Library is underway and the descriptions of the rest of our resources will be gradually entered into the database as well.

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