Online catalogues

Online catalogues cover books, magazines and special collections: old prints, manuscripts, maps, iconographic works, and documents of social life.

The catalogues include all materials purchased by Cieszyn Library after 1994 and some materials from the so-called old collection (that is Leopold Jan Szersznik’s Library, Józef Ignacy Kraszewski’s Library, the People’s Library, the Library of the Polish Ethnological Society, Tadeusz Reger’s Library, the Historic Branch of the City Library in Cieszyn, and the former museum book collection), as well as the Deanery Library, which is deposited in Cieszyn Library.

In order to search books acquired in the years 1960-1993, non-serial publications (which in the mid-1970s were excluded from individual historic book collections and merged into a separate collection) and materials published/written before 1994, which have not yet been entered into online catalogues, you can use the virtual card catalogue and registers available on our website.

Książnica Cieszyńska